wedding dress back in black and white at City Hall

Back of The Dress Photo at City Hall

Brides love their wedding dress, and we always take the opportunity to photograph the back of their lovely dresses. The third floor window is a popular place to take a back of the dress photo. We placed the bride in the middle of the window, allowing her to rest her hands on the window sill. Then we lay out the back of the dress to show the beautiful lace and train. In this particular photo I chose to print it in black and white because it really shows off the details of the dress fabric. Color can sometimes mute these textures. We then used selective color to keep the roses red which contrasts nicely with the black and white image. We provide these kinds of special effects to all of our clients. We also include Sepia and full Black and white images. San Francisco city hall offers many beautiful backgrounds allowing us to take these type of pictures and use these effects.