Black and White Pier 7 City Hall Wedding Photography in San Francisco

San Francisco's Pier 7 Wedding Photography

Pier 7 is one of the San Francisco destinations that we take our brides and grooms after their City Hall wedding photography is complete. It is very close to Downtown so there are many other great places in the vicinity to also take photos. This includes the Bay Bridge, Downtown area and Cupid's Arrow. Whenever we are helping San Francisco city hall couples choose their alternative photography location, we try to find places with multiple backgrounds. This makes the time spent more fruitful since we can walk to each area for their wedding photography. Pier 7 in particular, is a fun place to go visit because there is so much going on there. We will have to avoid some tourists, but this can usually be accomplished by being patient and picking out spots. We decided this would a great place to have our groom picked up his bride for a fun photo. There City Hall happened to be on a Saturday so there quite a few more people wandering around. So it is pretty amazing that we were able to get this shot without people. Again, patience is the key. The row of lanterns along the wooden dock created a dramatic San Francisco feel and gives the photo nice depth. Repeating lines is also a hallmark of great professional wedding photography and Pier 7 has this too! We thought this particular image would look great in black and white.

Why Black and White Wedding Photography at SF City Hall?

San Francisco city hall is an amazing location for wedding photography as evidenced by the fact that between 25 and 30 people get married there each day. The primary reason it is such a sought after wedding destination is the architecture. San Francisco city hall photographers know that they need to feature this architecture in a large percentage of their pictures to make sure this unique attribute is adequately captured. Some of the details present in the type architecture can really be brought out by using black and white for some of the photos. I would never do this will all of the photos, but we normally supply our newlyweds with about 20% black and white images. This seems to be just enough for most of our brides and grooms.