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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Welcome to our San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer's website. We are one of the premier photography teams shooting weddings at this beautiful San Francisco Landmark. We photograph weddings at City Hall at least twice per week and would love to be your wedding photographers!  Toni and Mike's combined professional San Francisco wedding photography experience is over 30 years with over 1000 marriages creatively photographed! For more information about our affordable service, click on any of the links at the left of this page including our San Francisco city hall pricing and availability. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our special packages and prices. To read Toni and Mike's professional photographer bios click here. We are adding new photos to our website all of the time so please come back to check out more of the beautiful weddings and architecture at San Francisco City Hall.  

Ceremony Locations

There are many beautiful locations to get married at in San  Francisco City Hall! Listed below are some of the best available weekday  ceremony options.

  • Rotunda Weddings - This is the most common place weddings occur.  You will meet with your officiant shortly before your ceremony and often  be given the choice of getting married in the Rotunda, or the private  room. The Rotunda is at the top of the Grand Staircase, but the privacy  is limited. People walk by and will occasionally take photos of the  ceremony.
  • Private Room - The Private Room offers complete privacy during the  ceremony. They keep it available in case of a large private event  occurring during your wedding and also for those that request it.
  • The Grand Staircase Wedding - Officiants sometimes offer the top of the staircase or the lower  landing for your ceremony site. The Grand Staircase offers a beautiful  architecture location but is the least private. The staircase is one of  the more popular areas for tourists and other photographers so there is  lots of activity.  The grand staircase is also available for reserved  weekend weddings.
  • Mayor's Balcony Weddings - This option is available to you for an additional $1000. The Mayor's  Balcony is roped off for one hour to provide privacy to you and your  guests. This is one of my favorite places to photograph because of the  beautiful Rotunda in the background. Reservations need to placed through  the City Hall Events Office for this location.
  • Fourth Floor Gallery - Reserving the 4th Floor Gallery is another option to have a private  ceremony for you and your guests. One hour costs an additional $1000.  The 4th floor offers the best view of the inside of city hall and is a  popular reservation choice. Make sure to book early through the City  Hall Events Office if you choose the 4th floor for your ceremony site.

Another option is the San Francisco City Hall Weekend Package  offered by City Hall. A two hour reservation costs $5000 and can be  booked through the Senior Event Manager. If you want to go all out you can rent all of San Francisco City Hall for 10 hours!  This allows you to take photos throughout the building with nobody in the background!  The lighting at night in City Hall also is quite spectacular.  

Serving San Francisco Bay Area

We  are based in San Francisco, but serve City Halls throughout the entire  Bay Area including Pleasant Hill, Martinez, and San Ramon.

Ask us about our affordable extended wedding reception coverage. Our service is open to people of all cultures, religions, gay /  lesbian / same-sex and race. We are a full service and well established  professional wedding photography company and have been in business in  San Francisco for over 10 years.

SF City Hall Architecture

The  architecture at San Francisco City Hall is magnificent.  People from  all over the world come to San Francisco City Hall to get married.  If  you get a chance, stop by and sign up for a free SF City Hall tour that is available daily.  The docents love to share their  knowledge of this historic building.  During your walk throughout City  Hall you will be able to see some of the locations where daily wedding  ceremonies occur. 

The Best Photography Locations in San Francisco

After  your San Francisco city hall ceremony we will take you on a tour of the  building to photograph you and your new spouse. Many of our city hall  customers want more and ask us to take them to other locations around  San Francisco for additional photos. By booking either of our " San Francisco Romance" or "Enchantment" Packages, we will escort you to other  locations in the city for photos and will even provide the  transportation if needed. Let's explore some of the best locations to go  for romantic wedding photography in the city by the bay.

  • The Palace of Fine Arts - One of the more famous wedding photo spots in San Francisco. A  beautiful place for photos, good parking mid-week, and accessible. The  only downside is that there are always people around and they could be  in the background of the photos.Gorgeous architecture and wonderful  colors set the Palace of Fine Arts apart from other famous SF locations.  Crissy Field is just across the street with great San Francisco views  and beach access. The Golden Gate Bridge can also be seen from the  Crissy Field vantage point with some unique angles to take advantage  of. 
  • The Golden Gate Bridge -Probably  our most frequently requested photo location. It can be approached from  many angles and areas and is THE iconic San Francisco photograph. If  it's a foggy day, it becomes nearly invisible. We always recommend  alternative locations just in case or we will take you closer if  possible. It also might be a little chilly and windy so be prepared! We  can get nice shots of the bridge from Crissy Field, Fort Point, Baker  Beach and the Legion of Honor. We can also take you to Sausalito for a  unique angle. On a foggy day, Fort Point is probably the best bet to get  a good look at the bridge.

  • The Legion of Honor -It's a bit of a drive to reach this fantastic photo location, but well  worth it. The light here is always great for photos and it's a nice  place if the weather is bad. You can even see the Golden Gate Bridge  from here! If it rains on your wedding day, this is the place to come.  There are some nice natural outdoor locations nearby. Note: Our Golden  Gate Package includes 1 San Francisco location, if you choose the Legion  of Honor, we will also take some shots with the bridge in the  background. 2 locations for the price of 1! It is closed on Monday and  after 5pm.

  • The Japanese Tea Gardens - Another beautiful photo spot in San Francisco. Parking is tough and  be prepared for a good walk! Lots of people in the background, but it's  possible to avoid them by visiting certain areas of the gardens. The Tea  Gardens are located in Golden Gate park - another nice photo location.

  • Ghirardelli Square -We  love taking people here because there is so much going on. It's a great  location for Street Photography and the perfect place to get a Cable Car  Shot! Also some fun bars and restaurants to visit. Many of our clients  like a photo with the famous Ghirardelli sign in the background. We  often end our shoots here by taking the couple to the famous Buena Vista  Cafe. The Irish Coffee is on us!

  • Twin Peaks Lookout Point -Without a doubt, the best view of the City. You can capture a near  panoramic view of San Francisco from up here. Parking can be difficult  and don't bother if it's foggy or really windy. Parking restrictions  recently added has made access a little tougher, but we can still  manage.

City Hall Weddings Video

Album and Prints Available

We offer our customers many options in addition to our normal quality  coverage. We can put together a gorgeous custom wedding album for you or  a music slideshow. One of the great things about ordering a wedding  album is that we give each of your selected photos a second round of  editing. This special treatment will sometimes include facial retouching  and removal of distracting background items. This can especially be  useful if you happen to choose a busy day for your wedding because we  can remove people from the background using Photoshop (in most  instances). We can also provide beautiful wall portraits and small  prints with a number of different framing treatments that you can  compare. 

We are Happy to Meet With You

If you would like to set up an appointment to see some of our best work,  we would be happy to meet with you via Skype or at City Hall itself! Not only can you get to know us better, but we can  show you some of our favorite wedding spots to photograph. We offer some  of the top bargain packages available for SF City Hall civil ceremonies  and will do everything we can to make it affordable for you. Many of  our clients create their own custom package to fit their needs. We also  have special packages for elopements and pre-wedding portrait sessions,  just ask us! To read our 50 - 5 star reviews, click Yelp or Yelp City Hall . We are a Gay / Lesbian / Same-Sex/Gender friendly wedding  photography service.  

How To Book Us

In the San Francisco Bay Area you have  thousands of wedding photographers to choose from. Please look around my  website and see if our wedding photography style is for you. If you are  looking for a San Francisco Photographer and you'd like to book us,  please contact us for more information about our services. We would love the opportunity to photograph your wedding day!

To see more of our work, please visit Toni Bailey Photography at .