San Francisco City Hall Asian Wedding couple outside of the building

Heart Photograph at SF City Hall

Creating art by placing your hands in a certain way can create fun designs for San Francisco city hall wedding photography. This couple wanted to make a heart shape in their photo. There is the traditional two hands making a heart in front of the dress, or holding arms out and putting your hands in a heart shape. This couple wanted to do something a little different. They held their arms up over their head creating a top of a heart shape. In a sense, they made a giant heart in front of San Francisco city hall. I then asked the bride to place the flowers in location that acts as the base of the heart. The result was very cute and the couple loved it! We really enjoyed working with couple despite the fact that there were some communication difficulties due our different languages.

Communication With Our SF City Hall Wedding Couples

The great thing about wedding photography is that you easily communicate with newlyweds simply by showing them what you want them to do with a certain pose. No words are needed, just a smile and some encouragement. We feel that our San Francisco city hall photography style lends itself very well to this type of approach. We never over pose our brides and grooms, but instead rely on simple requests that can then be modified later on during that series of photos. We want to show our couples the best way to make beautiful wedding photographs at San Francisco city hall. For us, this is a much better approach then constantly telling our clients what to do. This approach has obvious advantages when working with our international couples. The less we have to tell them, the better. This keeps the City Hall photo tour going smoothly and keeps things fun!