San Francisco Grand Hallway with lights and couple

San Francisco City Hall Lights

San Francisco City Hall has numerous vintage style lights that add to the ambience of this historic building. On the second floor where we took this picture, the lights line up in a nice pattern that creates a romantic feel. In general, great wedding photography will often contain repeating lines, depth, and also patterns. This particular location give all of this to us. It is basically a hallmark of Beau Arts architecture and it fits so well with our San Francisco city hall wedding photography. To enhance things even more we can take pictures here during the evening when there are more reflections on the floor. As you can see this creates a special glow to the inside of City Hall and this photo in particular. San Francisco City Hall is loaded with similar attributes throughout the building and give us endless backgrounds to focus on. We never run out of things to feature in our wedding photos and this is what make SF city hall is one of the best places for great photography.