White Wedding tux with Asian Couple at San Francisco City Hall

Dance Moves at San Francisco City Hall

This couple decided to give us a little display of their great dance moves after their San Francisco city hall wedding. We provided them with our typical photo session coverage once their ceremony was complete. As you can see, they were very eloquently dressed for this occasion which really enhanced our wedding photography. We sometimes find with our city hall brides and grooms that they underdress for their celebration because they think of their wedding as a "civil ceremony". While this may be true, things are quite different at San Francisco city hall. The elegance of the building lends itself to formal attire. This is not true with most civil ceremonies at typical Courthouse Weddings. This is why some San Francisco city hall brides are surprised when they walk into the venue and see other brides wearing big, elegant wedding dresses with long trains and flowing veils. This couple understood the norms at this historic building and dressed appropriately. We think it really enhanced their wedding photography and the image shown above bears that out.

Dynamic Posing in San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography

Poses like the one above are great examples of what we call "Dynamic Posing". This refers to a type of photography pose that keeps the could on the move. It differs from static posing in that the couple are not asked to stop and stare at the camera. Instead, the newlyweds are encouraged to engage in certain types of movement that will lend itself to great photos with a candid look. In this wedding picture, we simply asked the couple to show us their best dance moves and we photographed the process. It can make for fun and sometimes even silly pictures. Often times the couple will laugh during this type of wedding photography session, which makes the images even better. Here are some other examples of dynamic posing:

  • Walking shots through the halls of the building
  • Twirling the bride to show off the lines of her wedding dress
  • Scaling the Grand Staircase while walking hand in hand
  • Running through the building while bumping into each other (carefully)
  • Dancing shots as mentioned above