Why Get Married at San Francisco City Hall?

People come here from all over the world to get married at this historic San Francisco building. Rebuilt in 1915 after being destroyed in the 1906 Earthquake, SF City Hall has been host to many famous events over the years due to it's amazing beauty. Even Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio had their marriage here! To read more about the history of this grand building, check out this Wikipedia link.

Convenience and Pricing

In addition to it's rich history and beauty, San Francisco city hall offers you a very convenient and affordable location to have your civil union marriage ceremony. For only $107 you can get married in the beautiful Rotunda at the top of the Grand Staircase. You can schedule both your marriage license meeting and your civil ceremony from one city hall website. A private room is also available for those who want to be married out of the public eye.

Accommodations for Larger Groups

If you want to bring a larger group with you, The Mayor's Balcony or The 4th Floor can be reserved for around $1,000. You will need to supply your own wedding officiant, but this also gives you the flexibility to do your own vows and have a longer ceremony. Saturday weddings can also be scheduled in advance. You can basically rent out the whole building for $5,000 for your mid-day weekend event. You will have to supply your own officiant on the weekends as well and they don't allow you to wander freely throughout the building on certain floors. However, the main floors are completely accessible. Another option is to rent out all of City Hall for the entire evening, but this requires a fairly large outlay of cash starting at $10,000. They provide a beautiful set up for your money and you are guaranteed to get some breathtaking photos. Don't forget to hire a quality professional wedding photographer to capture this beauty!

Incredible Architecture

The architecture at San Francisco City Hall is absolutely magnificent. People from all over the world come to San Francisco City Hall to not only get married, but to tour this historic building. If you get a chance, stop by and sign up for a free docent tour available daily. The docents love to share their knowledge of this beautiful building. We actually have participated in these tours and learned a lot. During your walk throughout San Francisco City Hall, you will be able to see some of the locations where daily wedding ceremonies occur. The beautiful architecture present is French inspired and is in the Beaux-Arts style which is characterized by repeating lines and symmetry. These unique and ornate patterns are one of the things that inspire wedding photographers at San Francisco city hall to create beautiful wedding pictures.

Great Wedding Photography Opportunities

Our own SF City Hall wedding photography tends to feature this architecture prevalently. Over the years, we have made this our signature photography style. We have learned that our couples chose this amazing venue because they love the backgrounds and history of the building. To learn more about SF City Hall, invite your guests to come early and tour the building before your wedding. It's a great way to make sure everyone is on time. To learn more about the history and construction of this amazing building click this link for San Francisco City Hall. Here you will learn additional details about how City Hall was rebuilt after the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and other interesting and more recent historical information. There is also a self tour located in the South Gallery on the 1st floor with lots of useful information. Just walk in and turn left as you arrive at the Grand Staircase. They have videos, pictures and newspaper articles on display. I really think it will enhance your overall experience having your wedding here and you will learn some interesting things.

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