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Crissy Field

City Hall with Crissy Field Photos

Fleet week Fun at Crissy Field

We timed this wedding just right, but not on purpose. We took the newlywed couple on our typical city hall photo tour only to discover that a band was coming in to the building to celebrate Fleet Week. The groom had this great idea to pose in front of the band on the Grand Staircase to turn this potential wedding photography disruption into a positive memory. This was a great idea and the resulting photo came out perfect. After City Hall we took the Bride and Groom to Crissy Field for some additional pictures and guess what happened? We were disrupted again, but this time by the Blue Angels! This is the kind of problem that we like. If you look carefully at some of the outdoor images, you will the Blue Angel fighter jets in the background. Great memories for the couple and a fun time in San Francisco during Annual Fleet Week.

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