Romantic City Hall Wedding Photography

This romantic couple was one of our favorites of that particular year at San Francisco city hall. The bride was from Russia and the groom was from Los Angeles and owned his own business. They were very easy to pose because they were so willing to get close to each other and snuggle. We often tell our San Francisco City Hall wedding couples that if they want romantic photography, they need to help a little. We suggest a pose, but it is up to the couple to carry it out and make it real. In most cases, this couple finished the poses we started and made them better and more romantic. In fact, in many cases, they started and finished the poses, which is fine. Any type of romance that originates from the newlyweds is going to be more real than anything that we can come up with. We took this bride and groom to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco and then finished up at Ghirardelli Square where we walked around for about 20 minutes taking pictures along the way. Many couples from out of the area love to go on our San Francisco wedding photography tour. It give them the opportunity to see the city, but also get some great pictures taken. We make this tour a fun adventure and allow extra time for the couple to just enjoy their surroundings. Romance, historic locations and a San Francisco city hall wedding all in one amazing day. As you can see from the gallery photos, we finished up the tour with a visit to one of the more historic and famous bars in San Francisco. This bar is called The Buena Vista and is famous for their Irish Coffees. We all had one and called it a day after a very successful photo tour.

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Palace of Fine Arts and Ghirardelli Square

This couple chose our mid level San Francisco tour package. It allows for 2 additional San Francisco photography locations after we complete the City Hall ceremony and building tour. It normally takes just over 3 hours to complete without rushing. With the Palace of Fine Arts, you get to have more beautiful architecture and historic significance. There are so many places to take pictures here that we could spend 2 hours. However, in this case 45 minutes was about the limit that we budgeted for to make sure we also made it to Ghirardelli Square. When I look at other San Francisco city hall wedding photographers websites, I don't see many pictures at Ghirardelli. I think we go there with our couples more that most do. The reason we like it is that there is so much photo worthy backgrounds to use for our Brides and Grooms. It is an ideal place to hop on a Cable Car and the water is also nearby. Lots of old brick buildings also make nice backdrops for our SF City Hall newlyweds.

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