Fun Couple at San Francisco City Hall

We really do enjoy all of our San Francisco city hall wedding couples, but some stand out for various reasons. This bride and groom in particular was having such a great time throughout the wedding and the photography that followed. This type of fun-loving couple makes it very easy to obtain candid looking wedding images. All we had to do is place them in one of San Francisco city hall's numerous beautiful backgrounds and make a suggestion. We tried to set up situations during their photo tour that would get them to interact. Once that happened, the laughing and playfulness kicked in and made for some amazing San Francisco city hall wedding photography. I wish I could take credit for their amazing expressions and interaction, but I did have the good sense to keep my camera ready and capture the moments when they occurred. Many of our couples send us emails before the wedding requesting lots of candid images. In fact, this may be one of our most common requests prior to city hall weddings. I certainly do not blame them, because all of us want the same thing. We all know that candid and documentary images are usually the best photos. At the very least, photojournalistic images definitely invoke some emotion from the viewer. The challenge is to help create these moments and capture them when they occur. This couple certainly made it easy! Scroll down below the image gallery for some suggestions on how to create candid natural looking images at San Francisco city hall weddings.

San Francisco city hall Entrance - Wedding Kiss
Dance Moves - San Francisco city hall wedding photographer's image
Wedding Photography from across the building at SF City Hall
Bride and Groom pose in front of Christmas tree at SF City Hall
Newlyweds celebrating at the Base of SF City Hall's Grand Staircase
Pretty Bride checks her wedding dress at San Francisco city hall
Newlyweds share a laugh at San Francisco city hall - Photography
Family Portrait outside of San Francisco city hall
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Couple Laughing outside the entrance
Full view of the Grand Staircase - Wedding Photography city hall
San Francisco city hall wedding photographer's image of Newlyweds
Bride and Groom wearing masks during ring exchange at SF City Hall
Funny wedding photography image- Bride dragging groom upstairs
Black and White wedding photography of bride looking at Bouquet

Best Techniques to Capture Candid Wedding Photos

Listed below are some of the ideas we utilize to capture fun, natural and candid wedding photos at San Francisco city hall. Keep in mind that City Hall weddings really do not have many opportunities to take truly candid images because there is no reception and limited interaction. So for these reasons, we have to try to create the moments. Here are some of the ideas we have used successfully for great San Francisco city hall wedding photography.

  • Bride and Groom Walking through City Hall hand-in-hand
  • Newlyweds sitting together on a bench interacting, hugging and joking
  • Dance shots anywhere in the building - maybe a dance dip also!
  • Groom tickling bride or visa versa - anything to get a laugh
  • Bride and groom running together in the hallway at City Hall - only if you want to
  • Newlyweds walking down or up the Grand Staircase at SF City Hall
  • Groom spinning/twirling bride or the bride just spinning on her own.

Bride and groom walking up the Grand Staircase at SF City Hall

Candid moment for city hall bride and groom