San Francisco City Hall LGBTQ Brides

This LGBTQ couple were one of our favorites of 2015. We loved the fact that they both wore white wedding dresses and so it made for a very unique photoshoot. Despite the fact that we had double the amount of wedding trains to lay out, it was well worth it and lots of fun. We also had quite a few things in common with the brides and so that made the shoot even more memorable. Among other things, one of the brides shared Mike's experience of coaching CYO Basketball. Of course Mike only did it at the grade school level, while the bride was still coaching at the College level. it still gave us something to talk about during the shoot and this tended to lighten the mood and make the San Francisco city hall photo tour even more laid back and memorable. We always try to find common ground with our newlyweds during the photoshoot because we find that it relaxes our subject and of course this leads to more natural pictures and poses.

The Importance of Wedding Albums

Anyone who knows me understand that the importance I assign to owning a wedding album if you are recently married. Part of this comes from my old school background in wedding photography. I have around long enough to remember that couples used to be forced to choose wedding album because that was the only way to show and preserve their memories. Once digital photography came along, this all changed. Now couples could just receive their wedding photography images by digital file transfer and store them that way. Usually on a USB drive of PC hard drive. The convenience of this is not in dispute. New photography technology has done wonders for the average person when it comes to preserving and storing memories. However, in my opinion something has also been lost. The simple pleasure of a bride sharing her wedding album with friends and relatives was always a momentous occasion and cause for celebration. In many ways, this great tradition has been lost. This incredible LGBTQ couple decided shortly after the wedding to purchase one of our custom made albums and will enjoy it for years to come. In this particular case, one of the brides purchased an album as a way to surprise her spouse. A great gift idea for any newlywed. We recommend checking out our beautiful wedding albums as a way to preserve your memories.

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