LGBTQ+ SF City Hall Wedding Photography

This is a compilation gallery of some of our favorite Same-Sex San Francisco city hall weddings over the past few years. We have had the honor of photographing close to 200 LGBTQ weddings and have always enjoyed the couples very much. Some people reading this may wonder why we have a separate category for gay and lesbian weddings. The answer is simple, we have been asked to do so by our clients. When we have received inquiries from many LGBTQ engaged couples, they have asked us to provide them with some wedding photography images showing this specialty. There are some differences with regard to posing and working with the couple. Not in all cases, but frequently enough to offer image samples to show the uniqueness of each type of couple. We treat all of our couples the same, but are also sensitive to any potential issues some of our gay couples might have with having their pictures taken. This is no different from the challenges we sometimes face with all types of couples, but every marriage has its own unique flavor. We try very hard to recognize this and tailor our coverage to fit the needs of each client. We were providing San Francisco city hall wedding photography services to the Gay / Lesbian community from the very start of their legal eligibility to get married in California. It has been a great ride and we hope to continue for many more years to come.

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Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

Is there really a difference between same-sex weddings and all the rest? Not really. Our approach to photographing LGBTQ weddings differs very little. Our poses are similar nd we take them to the same beautiful locations throughout the building. I think where the difference lies is in our sensitivity to what the couple wants or doesn't want in their wedding pictures. One good example is a recent wedding of male couple at San Francisco city hall. They had been together for over 35 years and grew up in a time when Same-sex marriage was not as accepted as it is now. For this reason, they asked to not do any kissing shots. They understood that this is San Francisco and that nobody would say anything . However, for them, they just felt more comfortable avoiding it.