San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographers

Red Rose Romance

This romantic couple showed their enthusiasm for each other at every turn. The photos below attempt to document the fun and excitement they shared for their big wedding day at San Francisco city hall. From the very start of our meeting together, we knew that this couple was somehow different. We were in for a real treat because photographing a bride and groom like this is easy. They almost made the poses for us. Basically, we just needed to get things started and they finished each pose with their own personal touch. This is what professional San Francisco city hall wedding photography is all about. We like to think that we are in control of the photo session, but in many ways, it's really up to the couple to move the images to the next level. This couple did that completely and thoroughly. We can suggest romantic poses, but if the couple isn't fully engaged, the pictures will not reflect the love they feel for each other. However, it is very important for the wedding photographers to also do their part to make things work. A photographer can definitely start the ball rolling by being upbeat and fun. This will make the couple feel more energized and uninhibited. Of course for this particular couple, this was easy! Enjoy the gallery and thanks for checking us out. We are happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

San Francisco City Hall Red Rose Flowers
city hall lampost fun with flowers
black and white shoe shot
Happily married in front of window
Cute couple newly weds
Nose nuzzle
Forever in love
Kiss me with veil backlit
Just married at city hall in san francisco
We're married
Woohoo with red wedding roses
San Francisco City Hall Flowers 31
City Hall red roses and green grass
Kiss in the hallway with red roses
Beautiful bride showing wedding ring
wedding ceremony
Grand rotunda sepia photo
I love you forever and ever
Hold me in the light
always in love
san francisco city hall red roses ceremony
Bride with red roses in window
bride and groom in love at city hall
Happily married and in love
Winding staircase
Married at city hall on sunny day
City Hall Wedding couple love
silhouette kiss

Capturing Candid Poses at SF City Hall

One thing we always try to do is capture candid moments with our San Francisco city hall brides and grooms. It is not always easy to do with a city hall wedding because there are no events that occur. Most weddings have cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss and the first dance. These are all great opportunities to capture documentary moments. When we are doing San Francisco city hall wedding photography, we have to try to make these candid moments happen through clever posing and other techniques. One of the things we like to do as have our bride and groom walk hand-in-hand and interact. This can provide a great wedding picture that looks natural. After we do a few normal walks, we might encourage the couple to do more of a fun walk. Maybe pushing each other or just playfully dancing around. Anything to get things moving. We can also sit them down on a bench and have them hug and tickle each other. Anything to get them laughing will help make some nice city hall wedding pictures. Civil ceremonies provide these types of challenges and we love making it work for our newlyweds.

Asian bride sitting on the Grand Staircase at SF City Hall

Wedding Photographers at San Francisco city hall - Asian Bride