San Francisco City Hall Wedding Couples

This compilation gallery of brides and groom at the San Francisco city hall entrance is usually one of the most important shots requested. In some ways, you could call it the "Money Shot". I say this because virtually all of our newlyweds make it a special point to get this picture. Our city hall brides and grooms don't feel like they have gotten their money's worth if they do not get this shot. I have had grooms seem nervous throughout the San Francisco city hall photo tour because we were not doing the shot. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "How come we are not taking the Entrance picture?". I explained to him as I do to everyone, that we like to save this for last because once we go out side, we would have to go back through security to come back inside. This wastes valuable time from the couple's San Francisco city hall wedding photography package. We are going to keep adding to this gallery to hopefully make it the biggest collection of San Francisco city hall couples ever put together. Its fun and it useful.

City Hall Door 1
Gay Grooms walking out of San Francisco city hall - wedding photography
Cute Bride lifting wedding dress for Groom at SF City Hall
Newlyweds cheer as they depart San Francisco City Hall
LGBTQ Wedding Photography - Brides waving flags in San Francisco