City Hall Wedding - Elopement Package

This fantastic San Francisco city hall marriage gallery represents a good example of our popular Elopement package. Also called our base "City Hall" package, its designed for people who want have a simple Civil Ceremony by themselves. I mention both names because we recently changed the name of it so we want to avoid any confusion. The Elopement Package provides 1 hour of photographic coverage and it is reserved for couples with no guests. As you can see from the photos, this couple came to beautiful SF city hall just to get married with a civil ceremony and obtain some nice pictures. With no guests for the couple to interact with, we can offer the couple a full hour of San Francisco city hall wedding photography as we tour the entire building with them. We escorted them around to all 4 floors of the building and tried out some new backgrounds and poses like we always do with each newlywed. If you DO want to bring guests, our EXTRA package provides an extra 30 minutes of photographic coverage which allows us to photograph your guests and also gives you time to talk with them and enjoy each other. We recommend the EXTRA package when you have guests because weddings are not just about taking pictures. You want to have time to celebrate with your loved ones and that package gives you that time. We had a wonderful day with this very friendly couple and hope that you can see that in their wedding pictures. They also really seemed to enjoy the shoot, which also adds to the quality of the finished product. See below for some highlights of our Elopement Package.

City Hall Wedding Gallery - Grand Staircase
Looking good at San Francisco city hall wedding elopement
Groom Portrait photography at san Francisco city hall
San Francisco city hall Elopement Photography
Pretty SF City Hall bride contemplates her flowers
Example of our Elopement Package for SF City Hall
Eloping bride and groom hug at San Francisco city hall - photography
Eloping newlyweds holding hands at SF City Hall
Cute Bride and Groom Elopement Photography on 3rd floor City Hall
San Francisco city hall wedding photographers - Elopement

Simple Summary of our "City Hall" elopement package:

  • Assistance with your ceremony check-in
  • Full photographic coverage of your Civil Ceremony
  • Exciting 4 floor photo tour of San Francisco city hall
  • Fun photos of the newlyweds by the City Hall sign
  • Exterior Photos of the building is also optional
  • Usually reserved for Couples with no guests

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