SF City Hall Wedding Photography Pricing

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We offer affordable packages for your San Francisco City Hall week-day wedding starting at $595. To view our detailed price list, please click: City Hall Wedding Packages. We can also provide custom packages if you have specific needs or require additional coverage for your wedding reception or party. Please contact us to design your own San Francisco city hall wedding photography package that meets your specific needs and budget. A beautiful wedding album is also another popular option we offer our customers. This can be ordered with your package or as an optional add-on after your received your wedding pictures. If you are getting married at San Francisco City Hall on a weekend the prices will be slightly higher and vary with the size and coverage needed for your event. This pricing is for week-day weddings only.

sf city hall pricing ceremony photo

San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful place to have your wedding during the Christmas season. Most marriage ceremonies are held right in front of the Christmas tree. If for some reason, you would prefer to not have your wedding with the tree in the background, be sure to request this from your San Francisco city hall marriage commissioner. They will happily move you to the Mayor's balcony if available or other location.

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The photos on this page are from the same wedding. Michael and Amanda were an extremely romantic couple and we had a great time working with them. The top photo is from their wedding ceremony and was taken in front of the City Hall Christmas tree. The image just below that one was taken from clear across the building. We used a radio slaved flash behind the bride and groom to light up the veil and also create backlighting. The Bride and Groom did the rest!

an officer and a gentleman
sf city hall pricing romantic photography

Mike and I thought it would be fun to recreate the "Officer and a Gentleman" movie ending so we created the pose above and to the left. To show the romance between the bride and groom, we put them in the pose above and to the right. Then we had them walk down the San Francisco City Hall 4th floor balcony and converted the photo to Black and White to give it a candid look. Having the bride hold her train out also gives the image a special look.

walk at city hall