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Photography Styles

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography Styles

We are experienced in a combination of different styles ranging from traditional to photo-journalistic. Our goal is to provide emphasis on the style that best fits our clients. We discuss in advance, the types of shots our San Francisco city hall clients want and tailor our photographic coverage to their preferences. Some clients prefer a more traditional style with the classic poses. We can document the essential sequences of the ceremony while carefully arranging the shots so the light angle is optimum, the group shots are balanced, and the background is not cluttered, for the most pleasing presentation. Others may want a less structured approach, with lots of candid shots. In that case, we might spend more time “shadowing” them as they admire and enjoy the highlights of the architecture throughout the building, which we can quickly and efficiently guide you through. Still others prefer footloose and fancy free, like, barefoot on the beach, or on the swings at the park. We want to provide a uniquely special experience for each couple. It is important that we help you feel comfortable and able to enjoy your experience. Our versatility and experience allow us to do that in a creative and romantic way.

Grand City Hall Night Photographer

City Hall Lighting

Everyone talks about the beautiful light at San Francisco City Hall, and we love it too. The third and fourth floors can provide absolutely beautiful window light, which enhances the building’s architecture even more. Dramatic leaded glass windows provide a unique backdrop for “framed” images, or creative shots of streaming light, or silhouettes. Capturing this light in the best way to enhance the images we create takes practice. We have the experience that comes with our 400+ weddings photographed at this venue. We know what time of the day to take our couples to the various parts of the building to best utilize the available light. For those foggy San Francisco days, when the light supplied by mother nature is not quite ideal for our photographic needs, we bring in our own professional lighting equipment to make sure we have the proper control. Whatever the goal is, we can create just the right effect, using either our large tripod umbrellas for soft light, or bounce flashes off the neutral marble walls for diffused warm light.

city hall evening photograph

Stairway Kiss at City Hall

We asked our couple to pose in front of San Francisco City Hall’s Grand Hall. This is an excellent location to take advantage of the visual impact of the hallway and lights, and brings focus to the beautifully veil of the wedding gown.

This is a classic and elegant pose, but by suggesting the subtle move of bending back slightly during their kiss, we created a much more dramatic effect by freeing the Bride’s veil to hang naturally. This enabled us to direct our lighting to highlight the individual folds of fabric, as well as exposing the gentle curve of her back, lending a more tender, romantic feeling to the overall image.

city hall lights

Equipment We Use

Both Mike and Toni shoot with Nikon cameras. We come to every city hall wedding equipped with our Nikon D4s, D750, D800e, D7200, a variety lenses, and a full range of back-up gear. We believe in using Nikkor and Sigma fast prime lenses for their speed and sharpness. Some of the lenses we most often use include: 20mm/1.8, 24mm/2.8, 35mm/1.4, 50mm 1.4, 85mm/1.4 and a 180mm/2.8. We also use zoom lenses when needed for their versatility and reach.

You are Protected & Your Images are Protected!

Protecting your images and memories is very important to us. We carry a minimum of two cameras and each camera photographs and writes onto two separate memory cards. We carry a one million dollar liability insurance policy, equipment insurance, and we back up your images both on and off site. Each photo taken at your wedding gets placed on our main hard drive, our back-up drive, and off-site. In addition, we never erase your Originals from our cards until you have your wedding images.

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