Featured Weddings

I chose this particular wedding to be our current featured wedding because there is so much going on here. San Francisco City Hall weddings have many aspects and some of them are featured in all of our photography portfolios.

However, this recent wedding contains so many of them, that I just had to include it at the top of our galleries this month.

Every one of them is special to us in their unique way. None are better than the others, but there are differences.

I was thinking that this wedding contained so many of the elements we look for it is a good one to highlight. We also thought this might be a great chance to list some of these attributes that make this a representative wedding for our portfolio.

Scroll down below this wedding image gallery to see some of the key things we love to photograph at San Francisco City Hall.

Amazing light for City Hall Entrance kiss - wedding photo
Dancing image of bride and groom in San Francisco - wedding image
Bride sweetly smiles at groom during wedding ceremony
Bride, groom and Wedding officiant share a laugh during ceremony
Palace of Fine Arts Wedding photography pose for camera
Groom kisses bride at San Francisco city hall wedding ceremony
Natural light shows texture of Brides gown - wedding photography
Groom kisses shoulder of his bride at San Francisco city hall - Wedding picture
Pretty bride displays dress for San Francisco city hall wedding photographers
Lovely window light illuminates SF City Hall bride
Triple entrance wedding photo at San Francisco city hall
South facing window light softly colors bride and groom kiss at city hall
Newlyweds celebrate their recent marriage at San Francisco city hall - photographer
Going in for a hug after sf city hall wedding
Romantic wedding photography - kiss at city hall
SF City Hall bride and groom showing love at the Grand Staircase
Silvery light illuminates San Francisco city hall bride's wedding gown
Newlyweds kiss at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco - photography
The first kiss as husband and wife

Key Elements We Love to Photograph at SF City Hall

Just to reiterate, we enjoy all of our couples and love to photograph them all, but there are some weddings that work best at San Francisco city hall. Please check out the list below to see some of these items we look for and enjoy photographing.

  • Brides with Veils - The natural light at City Hall catches them and makes them glow
  • Brides with Long Trains - Amazing photos possible on the Grand Staircase
  • Brides with Flowers - Breaks up the neutral grays and whites at SF City Hall
  • Grooms wearing a Tux - The elegance matches San Francisco city hall nicely
  • Grooms Wearing Boutonniere - See above under "Brides with Flowers"
  • Reserved Weddings - 4th floor reserved wedding are our favorites
  • Destination Photo Shoot - The Palace of Fine Arts in this case
  • A limousine - A rarity at City Hall, but this wedding had one
  • High Guest Count - Provides us with opportunities to capture candid moments
  • Newlyweds that really want great photos!

The above list represents our San Francisco city hall wedding wish list. These items provide us with a multitude of amazing wedding photo opportunities and keeps us super busy. This is what we love to do! It is not necessary for your wedding to have all of these things. We can make any wedding stand out for its own attributes. This is just our wish list. However, I would emphasize 2 things from this list. Color is the one thing that San Francisco city hall does not have. So adding flowers for both the bride and the groom really enhances the pictures. That little splash of color added really makes a huge difference. For that reason, I would strongly suggest colorful flowers and not just white ones. These same suggestions apply to the groom as well!