San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography Gallery

As you can see, this bride and groom were married at San Francisco city hall before the 6 guest rule was instituted. In reality, this rule has been in place for many years, but it was never enforced. We want to show you this wedding, because it was such a great couple. Looking at the ceremony pictures, you can see that they had a number of guests present. We have had a few prospective clients ask us why OUR weddings get to have so many guests. It really has nothing to do with us. The reason you see this in some of work is that we have been doing this for 12 years and our portfolios date back before they were enforcing the guest limit. Unfortunately, now they do enforce this rule and so you will rarely see wedding ceremonies at San Francisco city hall with this many people in attendance. One solution is to have your guests come later out in front of the building and we will happily take pictures of them with the bride and groom. Some Marriage Commissioners will look the other way and allow more than 6 guests. This is especially true if you only have a few extra. At this point, we have actually seen City Hall officiants not start the ceremony until the extra people are gone. This is an extreme measure, but please understand that they are being pressured to enforce these rules by the County Clerk. If you would like to have more than 6 people attend your wedding, we suggest you pay the extra money and book a reserved wedding at San Francisco city hall. These events take place in either The Mayor's Balcony or the 4th Floor North Gallery. The cost is $1,000 for one hour and you can book this through City Hall Events department.

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bridal portrait north gallery fourth floor
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Happy Newlywed Couple From 2015

OK, so let's talk more about this couple. They were amazing to work and super upbeat. They seems so genuinely glad to be getting married that day back in 2015 and their smiles and reactions to each other showed it. As mentioned above, they had quite a large contingent of guests and nobody really said anything to them about it. They very much enjoyed having their family and friends in attendance and we made sure to capture plenty of photos with all of them. Once the Civil Ceremony and family pictured were complete, we took them around the San Francisco city hall interior for the pictures you see above.