Golden Gate Bridge Wedding Gallery

We had a lovely time with Vida and Admir taking pictures on Baker Beach near sunset. Baker Beach has become one of the preferred locations after San Francisco city hall weddings since the Pandemic reopening. Perhaps this is because people feel safer out on the beach with less crowds. In addition, I know that a few people are a little nervous about doing San Francisco street photography these days because of some recent incidents that have made the news. I am not sure, but it has been great photographing more couples at this amazing location and it is definitely on of the safer locations for wedding photography. Baker Beach has regular patrols present that keep a constant eye on things. For those of you who like the Golden Bate Bridge but also enjoy the ocean, Baker Beach is perfect since it offers both! We normally start our wedding photography session out on the beach with the Golden Gate bridge in the background. Then switch our focus more to the ocean itself and try to capture waves behind our couple as they walk close to the surf. If the couple is interested, they can actually wade through the water because the surf is usually pretty calm here. When we do that, I make sure we have a "spotter" to watch for rogue waves. The safety of our couple is always the most important thing to us and we never forget that. As wedding photographers, we love to capture great moments, but not at the expense of our couple's well being. As mentioned above, the other nice thing about this San Francisco destination is that there are accessible woods nearby. Just walking distance from the beach finds you in a heavy miniature forest with big trees and lots of shade. The perfect trick for our couples to stay out of the heat and also get some great images.

Wedding traditional pose at 4th floor window
Fun couple at Baker Beach near sunset
Happy couple sitting on staircase in San Francisco
Wedding couples love the fourth floor
City Hall bend back shot on second floor
I will always love her
Wedding love at San Francisco City Hall
San Francisco wedding fourth floor window shot
black and white wedding portrait
Baker Beach golden gate sunset wedding photo
Sunset kiss on the beach after wedding
Sunset kiss at the beach
Just married in San Francisco
Having fun at city hall in hallway
me and you after our wedding
SF Wedding photographer of San Francisco
His and hers wedding rings with flowers
rings in a box with flowers for wedding
Kisses at City Hall
Wedding romance in the woods
Bride alone
Amazing railing photo with bride and groom
Exchanging wedding vows at City Hall
SF City Hall top of stairs
romance photo in black and white
City Hall couple at San Francisco photography
City Hall Marriage doorway photo
Grand wedding stairs with bride and groom
flower and shoe effects wedding photo
Wedding walk along the beach near sunset
Groom alone
She has my heart
City Hall Wedding Romance and Happiness
Grand Staircase railing black and white kiss photo
Happy newlyweds under the amazing window
Back to back wedding pose
Amazing staircase at City Hall
simple shoes and wedding flowers
SF Wedding photographer

Typical San Francisco City Hall Wedding Shoot with 1 Additional Location

We wanted to put things into perspective for those engaged couples trying to plan their wedding day. Here is how a typical City Hall wedding photography coverage like this goes:

  1. Meet the couple by the County Clerk at San Francisco city hall
  2. Photograph their Civil Ceremony
  3. Take pictures of Family and Friends
  4. Take the newlyweds around city hall for a photo tour of all 4 floors
  5. Drive the couple to the San Francisco photography destination (Baker Beach in this case)
  6. Take pictures of the couple out on the beach
  7. Escort the newlyweds to the woods nearby for wedding photography

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