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SF City Hall Wedding Photography is an equal opportunity service provider. We maintain a culturally diverse clientele which mirrors the diversity of San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. We maintain all information regarding our clients in the strictest confidence and will not release any personal identification you provide us to anyone. All contracts are stored in a safe place and not released to the public. All confidential materials including past contracts are either stored permanently or shredded in case of cancellation. Your addresses and phone numbers will never be discarded. We do not use personal information for advertising or any other purpose not authorized by our clients. We will only release Wedding Photos to the public if authorized by our client through our San Francisco city hall wedding agreement. We allow our clients to waive the clause that allows us to share their photos on websites and social media. If you would prefer that your wedding images remain private, please let us know and we will explain how to alter the contract. Please understand that contracts that are returned to us with no requested modifications gives us the legal right to use the images of both you and your family for advertising or any other purpose thought proper by SF City Hall Wedding Photography. Feel free to contact us with questions regarding our Privacy Policy. Thank you!

Our Privacy Policy

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