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San Francisco City Hall Weddings at Christmas

Christmas is a unique time at San Francisco city hall. Decorations go up on many of the offices and of course the big Christmas tree is placed in the Rotunda. This usually occurs around the first week of December. So if you are planning your Christmas wedding celebration at San Francisco city hall, keep that in mind. The tree makes an exceptional backdrop for your wedding pictures during the Holiday season. There are all kinds of angles to use to include the Tree in the Background in your wedding photography. Here are some examples.

  • Close up Picture in the Rotunda with ornaments showing directly behind
  • Grand Staircase photo taken from the bottom and looking up at the tree
  • Mayor's Balcony wedding photo with the tree far off in the background
  • Side angles from the 2nd floor with the Christmas tree behind
  • Various other angles including looking straight down at the tree with the couple

So as you can see there are many different ways to approach Christmas tree for your SF city hall wedding photography session. We will be happy to include all of these options or any ones you choose as your favorites. One other factor to discuss is how to handle your ceremony for those City Hall couples that do not celebrate Christmas. Just ask your officiant to move your ceremony to a different part of the building. There are many locations to choose from and your Marriage Commissioner will be happy to accommodate your wishes. You can also ask your wedding photographers to not include the tree in any of the backgrounds on your city hall photo tour.

Christmas Time Wedding

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