Fish Eye Lens Photography at SF City Hall

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Nadya and Leo (pictured above) were a romantic couple and booked us for our popular yet affordable San Francisco City Hall wedding photography tour package. The photo above left was taken with a Fish-Eye lens and actually shows the dome of City Hall which is straight above. The upper right photo was taken clear across the building by using a radio slaved flash behind the bride to provide this dramatic look. Toni created the beautiful pose and Nadya did the rest! It is always possible to obtain dramatic wedding photos if you use the right kind of lighting and posing techniques. We have recently begun to slightly alter our poses by doing more Dynamic posing. The photo above is an example of this. We asked Nadya to hold her dress out and then spin back and forth until we caught just the right angle.

Fish-eye Lens Examples at San Francisco City Hall

The photos below are some more examples of using a fish-eye lens to enhance our wedding photography at San Francisco city hall. The obvious attribute that City Hall possesses is beautiful architecture. The use of this type of lens really draws attention to the amazing detail that this historic building features.

We took this picture at the top of the Grand Staircase and it really shows the entire building including the San Francisco city hall dome. If you look in the background you can also see the patterned floor.

fish eye north gallery blog

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I love the wedding photo above that was taken from the 4th Floor North Gallery, It displays the City Hall Dome and also the incredible arch that perfectly frames the newlyweds.

fish eye wedding photo blog

Wide angle wedding photography also works well outside of San Francisco city hall as can be seen in the photo above. This LGBTQ couple really wanted some nice outdoor images of the building.