Michelle and David - SF City Hall Wedding Photography

Michelle and David booked our “City Hall” wedding photography package which provides 1 hour of coverage and includes interior and exterior photos of the building. We often refer to this package as our Elopement package because it is specifically designed for engaged couples that are getting married at San Francisco city hall, but with no other guests. A large number of brides and grooms come to City Hall with just the goal of having a nice wedding, but nothing major and expensive. They still want nice pictures of this memorable occasion, so they book a San Francisco city hall wedding photographer to capture their special day. The 1 hour of coverage only allows enough time to record their ceremony and then a nice photo tour around the building. Included is full coverage of the ceremony from start to finish.

Wedding Picture Samples

We have provided a few sample photos below of this lovely couple. The photo on the left is a wonderful profile shot of Michelle. I love the natural light present for this window image of this beautiful bride posing. We deliberately darkened this photo to create a semi-silhouette photo which adds to the drama of this capture. For the photo on the right, we used a radio-slaved remote flash unit and placed it behind the subject to light up the veil and add some "punch" to the shot. The 4th floor of San Francisco city hall is a great place for photos like this because you have great natural light streaming through the windows, but can also add some off-camera lighting touches to enhance the image. All of our clients receive a combination of color, black & white, and sepia tone images as you can see on this page.

4th floor balcony