SF City Hall Wedding Photographer - Crissy Field

We had a wonderful time photographing this San Francisco city hall couple throughout the building. We also covered their extensive family pictures and civil ceremony. I distinctly remember photographing these newlyweds because I remember them telling us that they were "up for anything". In this situation, it meant that they were willing to try all of our standard poses and even our more complex ones. They were a particularly athletic couple and so there were really no limits on what the could do from a posing style. Please keep in mind that it is not our habit to make our SF City Hall couples perform challenging or risky poses. Everything we do is perfectly safe and all for the fun of it. However, we do have some dance type poses that may require some flexibility. We will also as some couples to do "dance dip" poses which are very fun, but require some strength. I think it is important here to mention the fact that we never force our brides and grooms into poses that they are uncomfortable with. We merely make suggestions and no pressure is ever applied. Couples like this one, just want to do a little more and they happened to let us know ahead of time.

Crissy Field in San Francisco for Wedding Photography

We have many choices in San Francisco to take our City Hall couples after their ceremony. One of the things we really like about Crissy is the multitude of wedding photography options all in one place. As seen below, the Golden Gate bridge is quite prominent at this location and many great shots can be taken here. In addition, San Francisco downtown is visible from the walk-way and there is also nice Bay views from the rocks. So we knew we would have fun here with this city hall couple. In the photo below, they appear to be jumping over the Golden Gate Bridge as they complete their San Francisco photography tour. As mentioned, there are a number of great locations in San Francisco area to take our wedding couples after their City Hall wedding is complete. San Francisco city hall wedding photographers certainly know about these options, but we seem to prefer Crissy Field more than others do. It is definitely one of our favorite photography locations, but let us know yours!