Visit from Australia to SF City Hall

Emma and Steve came all the way from Australia to get married at San Francisco City Hall. We took them all over town for photos, but this 4th Floor North Gallery window image was one of their favorites. Many couples come from all over the world to have their nuptials in this amazing building. Emma and Steve were another couple that mentioned to us that the building architecture was important to them so we made sure to feature the background in many of their wedding pictures. We always combine wide angle shots like the one pictured above, but also include close-up images to highlight the couple. We provide all of our City Hall couples a combination of different styles and angles to choose from. We also show them samples of Black and White and Sepia tone shots. This particular image was taken from clean across the building on what is called the 4th Floor Gallery. We positioned the newlyweds on the North side and took the picture from the South. Because they appear very small in the picture we decide to have Steve bend Emma back a little to create a sense of movement. The fact that they are slightly positioned diagonally helps set them apart from the architectural background. As mentioned above, after our San Francisco city hall wedding photography shoot was complete, we took them to various parts of San Francisco. They wanted to see the Palace of Fine Arts and other iconic City Destinations so they booked one of our larger tour packages and we had a great time showing them the sites and of course, taking some great wedding pictures.