Mayor's Balcony

San Francisco City Hall

The Mayors Balcony at San Francisco City Hall is a lovely location to capture those romantic wedding moments. We typically take all of our brides and grooms here to get some nice architecture images. It has the advantage of facing the Rotunda and at the same time displaying the Grand Staircase and all 4 city hall floors. Definitely one of our favorite city hall wedding photography locations. One of the things that make this location so versatile is that you can just about photograph the bride and groom on any floor. Just have them close to the railing on either side and you can capture some terrific images. It also provides one of everyone's favorite Grand Staircase images. This image is a photo of the newlyweds on the stairs and we are looking down at them. From this angle, you truly experience the architecture which makes the staircase so unique. It certainly looks amazing from up close, but being a bit farther away really shows it off. We definitely get some very strong comments when we pull of a great shot looking down at the Grand Staircase at city hall with our brides and grooms enjoying the moment.

location for that romantic city hall moment

The amazing image below was captured on the Mayor's Balcony during Christmas time. As you can see, the origami Christmas ornaments on the tree are actually projected on to the walls of the building. Something very unique that only shows up at night time.

mayors balcony location of lesbian wedding

The other fun image that we often capture from the Mayors Balcony can be seen below. Please note that this is a wide angle image that shows the couple and also the entire San Francisco city hall dome. This is a spectacular shot and one that very few other San Francisco city hall wedding photographers seem to take. Our couples love it because it really shows off one of the most distinguishing features of the building.

same sex marriage dome mayor balcony location kiss

Additional Locations for San Francisco city hall wedding photography